A timeline of my gentle spiral into pre-back-to-school madness

AKA Why Procrastination Anonymous groups should be available to students like me.

(as told by Facebook posts)

August 17:

Note that I didn’t actually start until about three hours this I posted this:

I love my friends. 4srs.

At this point, I’ve already finished reading the book, put my name on the packet, and filled in all the necessary publication information.

My aunt liked this ._.


I recommend The Crane Wife and Castaways and Cutouts

Fortysomething, with my favorite two douchebag men :) Available on YouTube.

This is what I wrote as a spur-of-the-moment joke. It doesn’t actually exist anymore, since I replaced it with some real, manly, Russian Revolution shit, but yeah, that’s what it said, in the preformatted all-caps for all of 14 minutes of infamy:

I love folk music

Took a break on August 18 (actually, I slept until noon and had a viola lesson and went grocery shopping until 8…then I stayed up until 2am watching Toonami).

August 19:

I'm a Muslim. Believe it.

In preparation of being captured for being a terrorist. Actually, I look pretty Chinese for a Muslim. Hahaha…

Needless to say, I got about half a section done and wasted the rest. AP is awesome, though. Coolest dude ever.

August 20:


Youtube = also a great way to waste time.

At the very least, I got more stuff done. At this point, I’ve completed Sections 1, 2, and half of 3, if I remember correctly. Which I probably do not.

August 21:

fuck you.

The upperclassmen are also pretty awesome.

Billboard 100 on Spotify

On the cusp of yet another time wasting all nighter.

At this point, I’ve definitely finished sections 1-3.

August 22:

shut up you firefox--chrome--mozilla people. IE FTW

Avoiding doing the homework this time. I work on it anyway.

There is a gap from August 23 to August 24. I’m not really sure what I did in those two days. Something about my mom packing for a company retreat in Vegas and me packing to stay with a family friend. And…yeah. Oh god, it was so awkward, but I got more homework done than I had in, uh, 5 days of actually working on it?

August 25:

bad bad bad bad

I have cool friends. Korean drugs, advice, and admonishments? Totally.

Why couldn’t I have normal friends? Oh right. Because then life would suck.

Pechorin is an ephebophile…wait? He’s 24 and she’s 18 you say?

This is what the little slip of writing says. And why BB doesn’t get it:

Yeah. “passionate feels”. Why couldn’t I have non-Kpop-obsessed fans? WHY.

My heart cries.

August 26:

Godfrey Gao is the hottest Chinese man alive.

I am a blasphemous person. Like, seriously. That’s why AP and I get along.

Love SVU. So awesome.

I did not get anything done. So much denial. So much.

August 27:

HELL YES. Wait, no all nighters? I can't work on it? NOOOO

And all of a sudden, my summer-homework-writer’s-block disappears. Also, I didn’t realize that I had switched the AMs and PMs and was running 12 hours ahead. Wierd.

On the bright side, by now, I have my essay planned out. Thank god. Now I just have to find quotations and explain them. Unfortunately the BIGGEST problem ever. Gotta love that procrastination, right? Because it’s a lot of work. I actually have to remember where all the lovely details are in the book and/or deign to read about Pechorin’s shenanigans again so that I can psychoanalyse where the fuck Lermontov hopped onto the I’m-a-fucking-hero-goddammit-train. Then I have to type the shit up, analyse that and make everything flow smooth like a conversation between two Glee characters.

August 28:

I am determined to finish my homework today because I officially have 8…7 in about an hour and fifteen minutes…days left before school starts. AND Taking Care of Business day is tomorrow. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

fancy little drugs deserve fancy formatting, of course

Hello. My name is Alice, and I am a Procrastinator.

Currently listening to: The Decemberists (in recognition of my goals of getting my final [read: 1!!!!] essay done)

Trying to muck through: Ulysses, A Hero of Our Time


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