A timeline of my gentle pre-back-to-school-madness part DEUX

(That’s TWO for those of you who don’t know.)

August 28:

There’s an update on my status from yesterday:

drugs, not hugs :)

An update, complete with new likes!

Frankly, I didn’t get anything done. Hahaha, failed to reach my goal. Which is the story of my fucking life. Let me cry in peace, now.

August 29:


I’m recovering from my overdose.

I was in the library. All day. Actually working. Mostly. I checked all my webcomics, of course, first (the ones that weren’t blocked, anyway). And then got down to work under a time crunch (I’m allowed 140 minutes [At NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!-insert sunny advertising smile here-]).

That is, until I lost concentration. Then I proceeded to type this post up. In the public library:


I am unrepentantly a huge manga geek.

The Bellevue Library has 3 floors. The most mainstream, which is the first floor. Most people stay there. Studying and sleeping happens the most on the second floor. It has a lot of reference books, including language books, how-to books, and, most importantly, a little section called “comics” in between two other subjects that are irrelevant. Completely and UTTERLY irrelevant. Oh god, I’d died and went to heaven, I swear, when I found it for the second time (the first time happened when I was looking for books on Russia and philosophy). The third floor is more reference books, and where the philosophy section is located.

I spent the rest of my time sitting in a chair on the main floor, grinning like a loon and scaring small children and their parents. I was that happy. When I went outside, I squealed like a maniac. My brain was basically sending endorphins as a message: “awilugdsvasodnvfamdslfapwoe8fnsdlfgdnfalsdvasodfaew;flk;asdf’awgoe;ihasdmfowiehf;smdfOHMYGOD”.

Needless to say, I am not done with my homework yet. Fortunately, I’m very close to being done. I have half a paragraph left. Tops.



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