Bunny Slippers

I have a pair of slippers. They’re soft and knitted and lined with white synthetic fibers on the inside. They remind me of bunnies.

That, however, is only tangentally related to APUSH.

There is a difference between AP and IB grading, and quite a lot of similarities. For one, the criteria are exactly alike. And secondly, everyone fails the first practice essay.

So when you see a big, fat 50 on the top of your paper, relax a little bit. There’s another number right on top of it, circled in Barney-barf purple. That’s the happy, fluffy bunny number that’s covered in marshmallows and cotton candy that you just want to cover in syrup and chocolate and–

Well, the thing is, it’s a curved thing. So ridiculously curved on your lousy essay that it makes the circle around it look like a polygon.

It probably says 70, loudly and proudly. 

And you should, too. Proclaim loudly and proudly that you got a happy, fluffy bunny number that makes you want to pet kittens and sing lullabies to baby birds.

Soft kitty, sweet kitty, little ball of fur
Sleepy kitty, nappy kitty, purr, purr, purr~


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