Post-HC Sunday

How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. I had a BYSO retreat and placed in fourth chair because I had no hope in actually getting to the top two unless Amanda fucking Peng and Jenny Wang hurry up and graduate. I had an awesome 007-themed homecoming at my school and my date was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and only slightly awkward since we were with friends. I got home at midnight and didn’t do anything except get undressed, shower, brush teeth, post celebratory Facebook status and sleep.

Then I woke up and I realized with some horror that, bloody hell, all that homework.

So what I’ve done all day is this:

Do Physics.
Go on Facebook to complain.
Do Chinese.
Eat M&Ms out of a wine bottle.
Cry about how we’re all morons and even have the presence of mind to sound like brainless cows on the Chinese tape.
Go on Facebook to complain.
Go on WordPress to complain.
Re-evaluate how much work I have left.
Decide not to do math homework because I have my trusty AoPS books and Youtube.
Start English essay and and Debate case and speech.

You know what?
Sleep is for the weak. Consequently, I’m going to be listening to Living Next Door to Alice by Smokie a lot because my Physics teacher thinks of this song whenever he says my name.


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