Barely floating in the sea of homework

I have an English essay due on Thursday. So far, I’ve got nothing, and I was supposed to do two peer edits.



I’ve basically planned out the next four hours of my life: shower, brush teeth, and write all 1200-1500 words of my IB English paper until I pass out from pure exhaustion. Then, the next day I will wake up five minutes before I have to leave, dress, eat, and get out the door in record time and go to school and take the PLAN test, attend the first-year IB meeting and peer edit with a bunch of classmates.

Of course, I’m a chronic procrastinator, so none of this will get done.

Why is it so easy to spew out 2k+ words in 90 minutes for NaNoWriMo with a deadline of the end of the month but so difficult to accomplish 1200 in the same time for English with a deadline in the next two days? Where is the logic in this?

And because I’m a huge procrastinator, I decided to watch all two hours of the second presidential debate. I think Obama was pretty beast today. Not bad at all. And their wives matched. How adorable. I feel sorry for the moderator, though. These presidents–they just steamroll right over them.

My English teacher taught us how to analyse today. I don’t think any of it’s really sunk in yet. We will see, though. He’s pretty awesome.

And there goes my scatterbrain.

But anyway, I’d really like to see A Rebel without a Cause because I want to see if the slash-fangirl-litmus test works and to see what subtext Calvert talked about today. I’m curious, but I have no time. Thanksgiving weekend needs to hurry up.

I couldn’t stop singing “Don’t Stop Believing” in Physics while I took the Physics test and I couldn’t stop singing “Call Me Maybe” in math, either. I think I have a new playlist. It’s called “When I Feel Stupid”.

Type Three–Anberlin (Yay! English soundtrack!)


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