So…we meet again, APUSH

In the week before winter break (yay for Americans being PC!), I have several tests, the most important being APUSH, since I’ve obviously not been able to admit that I need help in math yet.

And so here I am, procrastinating by online window shopping and filling check marks into the little boxes on my to-do list for club communications on Facebook.

CHECK: mandatory community service post in Science National Honor Society

CHECK: obligatory complaint/semi-helpful posts in the GIHS2015 page

CHECK: obligatory complaint in the Chinese Per 4 page

CHECK: status update because I’m a teenager

CHECK: mandatory sub-to-do list in INOW page

CHECK: liked and posted in Seattle NOW’s page

CHECK: followed Seattle NOW’s blog

Also, I’ve gone through every KhanAcademy video Salman Khan has to offer on parametric equations in preparation for my math quiz tomorrow after APUSH, and reviewed three chapters of APUSH notes, all of which are still pretty damn shitty.


What I haven’t done is math homework, the why factor for chapter 17 OR studied chapters 3-13 in APUSH, a good job in Chinese, studied for Health (ew FLASH), researched anything for debate and English, and practiced viola.

But this is the life of me, an IB student who’d just heard some sobering news a while back about a Korean IB student up in Skyline who had everything going for him and still decided to commit suicide. While I don’t applaud his decision, I can’t very well condemn him for it.

Life moves on after all, and the night is young yet. Let us continue our review of US History and reminisce about the futility of learning anything.


A candle for those forgotten in the hectic pitter-patter of life.


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