Good lord, finals.

I couldn’t help but notice that I seemed to have reach the phase of fatigue during finals week in which I effectively give up on studying approximately twelve to sixteen hours before taking the test. Instead, I have chosen to think about the lovely cloud patterns in the sky, read fanfiction, and cut cards for debate.

My head is currently swirling slowly in a miasma of APUSH CDs and essay outlines and equations that don’t connect to each other because there are so many and I can’t ever remember the different between centrifugal and centripetal force. Honestly, I don’t believe I’m ready for anything tomorrow, least of all Chinese, which is, in effect, walking in blindly without preparation.

Of course, then I have Friday and Saturday to stagger through.

On the bright side, I start TOK next week. I think. I don’t know if that is positive.



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