My Problems and I

Hello. I am not yet a legal adult with legal issues, and I have problems.

And I think they’re pretty problematic.

1) Procrastination. This is huge, because if I didn’t procrastinate, I wouldn’t be going to sleep regularly at two am and waking up at four in the morning in weird places like the floor, the couch, or at my desk with the light still on with my heart racing and a crap load of homework still undone.

2) Nighttime behavior. Linked to Procrastination. As soon as it gets dark, I wake up. Sort of. Another part of my personality wakes up, and I waste the night away watching people live their lives via vlogging and YouTube (#foreveralone), our servicemen doing the Harlem Shake (attractive), weird shit happening (err…), and other videos.

3) My undying fascination with gay men. As a mostly heterosexual female, it seems strange that I would be more interested in stalking the lives of two men rather than stalking my favorite male celebrity. But this is an issue that is both deeply closeted (not anymore), and kind of interesting to me. It’s gotten to the point where I am not extremely comfortable interacting with people because I fear that I might say something untoward. I would love to do an extended essay on my own self-introspection, but somehow I don’t think TOK is the right class for that…

4) Decision-making. This is more of a confidence issue than anything.

5) Sleeping. Or rather, not. Linked to Procrastination and Nighttime behavior. Two Words with Friends opponents have already commented that I never seem to sleep. Well I don’t. So.

6) Confronting people. Honestly, I would rather let things resolve on their own. And because I’m highly unconfrontational, I tend to drag things out much longer than they should be rightfully dragged out. And I’ve realized that this is actually a huge issue because it leads to problems-that-I-would-rather-not-deal-with.

And those are my problems. After a day of being left home alone with nothing but the house and its contents, I’ve had a ridiculously relaxing day where I watched Doctor Who and Criminal Minds and ate junk food in two hour intervals and read fanfiction. I avoided speaking/texting/chatting with just about everybody, and just relaxed and unwound on my first day of Midwinter Break.

My mom suggested meditation. I should try that next time


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