OPINION: Asian-American Men ARE Sexy (and do not have to be MISOGYNIST)

I won’t do this normally, but Mr. Michael Hung has offended my delicate Moderate Feminist Sensibilities, so please, relax and enjoy as I spew my own political opinions.

Hi. Uh, female and Chinese, here. I’d just like to say that I cringed a little at this post: http://inamerica.blogs.cnn.com/2013/02/20/holdopinion-asian-american-men-can-be-sexy-too/?hpt=hp_t2

Honestly, while I agree that Asian men are sometimes “castrated” by the media and by our U.S. government (but so were the French, the Irish, the Germans, the Native Americans who were there first, the Jews, and now the Hispanics, the Muslims, and the Middle Eastern people), there are plenty of girls who like Asian men, if the (growing) number of half-Chinese children have anything to say about it. And I doubt it has much to do with the disproportionate number of Chinese men in the world, as compared to Chinese women. The amount of self-righteous puffery in here is not unwarranted, but it’s difficult to feel sorry for the author if this sort of attitude, right down to the hint of misogyny at the very end, translates into real life.

The idea of a “buffoon-ish” man and a “gorgeous” woman is an idea that is perpetuated throughout media (TV Tropes), however, and is not just limited to Asian males, but all of it is changing as the public eye changes. PSY is not just famous for his “foolish giddy-up dance”, but also for his credentials and his intelligently veiled social criticism of popular media (not sure? Watch Gangnam Style again!). The normal K-Pop boy band, however, is considered “sexy” or “attractive” or “edgy” by millions of females around the globe, and women love them. All of them. Boy bands are back, yo! So maybe look to the image they’re cultivating if you’re searching for sexy.

all images taken from Google Images. Rights belong to respective websites.

(from top left to bottom right): Harry Shum Jr., EXO M, Bruce Lee, F4, Jay Chou, BAP, Super Junior, TVXQ, Shinee

Also, I would like to address the last part of the post, where he pulls on her sandy blonde hair and wraps his hand around her jugular. Pulling out the kill moves already? Dude, don’t even. That is so offensive that our shared roots don’t even make me want to talk to you.

By the way, one stereotype does not account for all. I’m not trying to change any of your opinions, but rather let mine be known. And my opinion is: Godfrey Gao is extremely attractive.


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