A little math

Today, we’re going to use the transitive property to prove that there is no loving God.

Let there exist a variable called High School. 

Now, it is common knowledge that High School is commonly equated to Jungle due to the property of hierarchy, where everyone strives to be at the top one percent due to a slightly higher chance of succeeding in the “real world” after schooling. To prove who is in the top one percent, students are pitted against each other using a set of standardized tests. Thus, because the Jungle is wild, High School is also considered to be wild. 

Now, It is also known that in the wild, there are no people, as religion is a constructive property built by people who needed faith in their times of darkness. There are no people in the wild because people have divorced themselves from nature (as proved by Louv in his book, Last Child in the Woods), which is another way of saying wild. Thus, because people and wild are mutually exclusive, so is religion and wild.

Now, God is commonly associated with religion. Since religion and wild are mutually exclusive, so is God and the wild. Thus, by transitive property, God does not exist alongside High School. 

Therefore, there is no loving God, as High School contains two weeks of Hell followed by SAT-urdays.

Yes, I just wasted valuable Physics prep time to do this flawless analysis of my faithless heathen life. Please feel free to judge.


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