Hey B.R.A.V.E.!

We don’t do that here.

Support the Bully Project.

(There’s one about bulldogs that goes by the same name if you want to do that, too.)


I think that calling “bullying” a “problem” is a little bit like calling “rape” a “problem”. I mean, what’s the difference? They are both in violation of the person’s rights. The are both causing mental, emotional, and often physical harm to the person. They are both a case of the quaint phrase “eye of the beholder.”

The only difference is that bullying is seen as a “student’s issue”, and rape is seen as a “women’s issue”.

In both cases, there is a notable disconnect between the empowered and the unpowered. We need to bridge this gap because it is often because the empowered are not doing enough to help us solve these so-called “problems” or “issues” that nothing gets done. When nothing gets done, it’s automatically shifted off to the unpowered to make change. And sometimes, they just don’t have the money to break the bill.


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