Age of Reform: The 6 Issues You Should Know About

You should also know about how they relate to one another. Some of these issues are greater than the others.

  • 1. Education
    • Phrenology
    • Emphasized the need for individual learning (Hudson River School)
    • Lengthened school year and teachers’ salaries increased
    • No blacks
    • “Noble Savage”
  • 2. Temperance
    • Alcoholism was a social vice that was responsible for our woes
    • WCTU, ASPT, WTS—yesteryear’s AA
  • 3. Women’s Rights
    • Issues:
      • Women were legally subject to their husbands
      • Husbands could beat their wives.
      • Feme covert: women could not own property or sue or be sued in court
      • Lack of suffrage
    • Seneca Falls and the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions: Elizabeth Stanton, Dorthea Dix, Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony
    • Played a huge role in temperance and abolition
    • Results
      • Increase in women admitted to colleges
      • Some states began allowing women to own property after marriage (end to feme covert)
      • Mississippi was the first state to do so in 1839
  • 4. Utopian Experiments
    • Trancendentalism:
      • Cultivation of “reason” – innate capacity to grasp beauty and truth through full expression
      • Liberation from “understanding”—use of intellect in the narrow art by ways imposed by society.
      • Goal: to transcend the limits of intellect and allow the “soul” to create an “original relation to the universe”
    • Redefining gender roles:
      • Shakers
      • Quakers
      • Oneida Community
      • Mormons
    • The Second Great Awakening was an effort to return to traditional values, readmit to God and Christ, embrace fervent piety, and reject rationalism
      • -popular with young women, AA, NA because of shifting economic situations.
      • -Freethinkers’ influence declined
  • 5. Penal institutions
    • Warehousing criminals, poor, children, women in workhouses to train them into useful beings for society.
    • Chain-gangs, rather than solitary confinement
  • 6. Abolitionism
    • ACSßsend blacks back to Liberia so that we can give jobs to free white men
    • William Lloyd Garrison + The Liberator/ Frederick Douglas + The North Star/ “Temple of Liberty”
    • The Anti-abolition movement meant that things were working
    • Amistad Case and Prigg v. PA:
      • Abolition reaches judiciary level
      • “Personal liberty laws” passed
      • Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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