Colonial Period: Religion

You better know that there were Puritans and Catholics and that they hated each other, but also hated the Anglicans more.

  • Religion
    • Puritans (New England)
      • Calvinism: predestination; conversion experience; “visible saints”
      • Covenant theology: “City on a Hill”; perfectibility of society through God’s laws
      • John Cotton was major religious figure
      • “Great Migration” in 1630s
      • Townhall meetings: church members could vote
      • Close knit communities; families are extension of authoritarian government
      • MassachusettsSchool of Law: All towns with 50 families had to build a school to teach kids to read (the Bible)
      • HarvardCollege, 1636: train clergy members  (also Yale)
      • Jeremiad: used to scold 2nd generation Puritans to be committed to their faith
      • Half-Way Covenant (1662): Those with no religious conversion could attend church and their kids could be baptized.
      • Salem With Trials, 1692: Hurts prestige of clergy (including Cotton Mather)
      • Established in New England (all pay taxes to the church, even if they don’t belong)
    • Anglican Church (Southern Colonies and parts of Middle Colonies)
      • Follow seven sacraments of the Church of England (similar to Catholic Church)
      • Established (all persons pay tax even if they don’t belong)
    • Quakers (Pennsylvania,New Jersey,Delaware)
      • Believe all people have an “inner light” (God)
      • Pacifists (get along well with Indians)
      • Do not believe in societal rank
      • Do not take oaths
    • Great Awakening (1740s)
      • “New Lights” wanted more emotion in religion; emphasized hell-fire and damnation
      • Jonathan Edwards (began movement); George Whitfield (most important)
      • Fractured American denominations along old light/new light lines.
      • First mass movement among several colonies simultaneously
      • “New Light” institutions: Princeton, Yale

(Soon you shall be seeing overlap and things mentioned more than once. This means that things are related. OMGZORZ!)


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