Colonial Period

Even though it’s about 5-10% of the actual testing matter, you will spend about four weeks learning about the Colonial Period before getting to the hard, messy part of American history.

Colony Year Founder Purpose

Vegetables Never Matter Much Cuz Rice Never Never Never Satisfies Prairie Dogs, Golly!”

Virginia 1607 Virgina Co. (John Smith) Gold, Proselytizing
New Hampshire (Plymouth) 1620 Pilgrims (Bradford, Robinson) To practice religion without persecution
Massachusetts 1629 Governor John Winthrop et al. To practice religion
Maryland 1634 Lord Baltimore (George Calvert) Catholicism
Connecticut 1635 Thomas Hooker (Hartford)
Rhode Island 1644 Roger Williams “Liberty of conscience”

(Restoration colonies after 1660—no colonization during the English Civil War)

North CarolinaNew York

New Jersey

South Carolina


(Peter Minuit—New Amsterdam)

Wanted separation from autocratic SC



William Penn

British want Dutch out



James Oglethorp

Grow food and supplies for Barados’ “Holy Experiment”Haven for debtors

* Major themes.

* Major events and issues.

* Religion.

[Move onto Impacts of the European Takeover ==>]


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