Equal Pay? What a farce.

You know what doesn’t make sense to me?

Women are getting paid less than the average man. Immigrants are getting paid less than the average white person. Our Eurocentric society is male-dominated, and the image that it evokes is one of the middle-class, white, heterosexual male. Everyone is paid less than than Mr. Average Joe Blow.

So what’s the difference between an average woman and an immigrant? Aside from a piece of paper, not much in terms of economic means.

I think the unequal pay gap could be eliminated if people just hired only women. After all, if you’re going to treat them like cheap imported labor, you might as well hire only cheap native labor to increase profit margins.

DUH. HISTORY. You can’t be trusted to do a good job if you don’t even know the trends throughout time. After all, we teach history to make sure that the same mistakes don’t happen again, right?

When I look at the average scores (about 2.84) for our AP tests, it seems that it may not actually be the case.

So, if the majority of the nation falls below the mark, who runs the nation? The people who appeal to the common man. The people who are the common man. Those people who don’t seem to remember what their hardworking teachers taught them when they were teenagers busy throwing notes at girls and cutting class. (ahem.)

Women stereotypically have to take care of children, and the home, and a bunch of other things that they really ought to be paid for if they’re essentially going to act like a jack-of-all-trades on top of their jobs for eighteen years. So either pay them equal to men, above men, or pay them for taking care of the goddamn future of America.

Unless you want this country to go to the dogs, start taking care of the bitches.



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