The Market Revolution: 1790-1860


-Irish and German immigrants are successful in the East; Chinese in the West

-Irish: unskilled labor

-Germans: farming

-Chinese: labor and railroad building

-Population doubled every year to reach 30 mil by 1860

-Creates a Nativist movement as backlash:

-low potential (like AA)

-Catholic v. Protestants

-Dem v. Whig

-job theft

–> “Native American Party” –> Supreme Order of the Star Spangled Banner –> Know Nothings –> American Party

*Improvements in transportation (Canals, Railroads, Communications) à expansion of the “Market Economy”

è Corporates increase due to gov’t favoritism

è New laws à limited liability à encourages stockholders to invest that that corporate consolidation (horizontal and vertical) are possible

è General Incorporation laws makes it all much easier to make a corp:

  • State legislator must approve charter à pay money, get business

*Advancements in technology increase efficiency à increase mass production, industry is concentrated within the NE

*As farming mechanizes, people move to the cities to find work:

1. Waltham system uses whole families

2. Lowell system uses young women

-offers class, room and board

-existed because of the idea that women should not do hard labor

-lies, because it was an expensive upkeep and could not be maintained

3. You should also know about the different technologies that they had.

-Companies prefer immigrants because they were cheap and replaceable

Commonwealth v. Hunt legalizes the peaceful strike and unions

-excluded women, who est their own

-change uninhibited by immigrants

*The 1% is real + the 30% of urban poor

*The idea of the “Self-Made Man” is perpetuated throughout society, this idea of social mobility



*Families became smaller as less labor is needed

*With the emergence of a middle class comes the Cult of Domesticity—the idea that women exist in the private sphere of life, in which they were the protectors of “domestic virtues” and a “female culture”

-unattainable to the working class

  • Regional Specialization
    • East: center of Industrial Revolution; shipping; majority of people still worked on farms
    • South: “King Cotton”
    • West: “breadbasket” — grain, livestock

Panic of 1819, Panic of 1837, Panic of 1857

[Move West ==>]


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