Amurrica: 1970-now

Essentially, the test acts like a bell curve. The bulk of what you need to know is from 1800-1945, which is considered old enough to merit going over nine thousand times. After that, it’s stuff that you either should have lived through or grew up hearing your parents complain about it.

Here’s the generous scoop of what you should know:

Ford Custodianship

-Ford pardons Nixon to make everything blow over

-to curb inflation, he rejects wage and price controls, calls for voluntary

-high interest rates, opposed increasing federal spending

-SALT II; attempts to improve relations @ Helsinki

Jimmy Carter: The Populist President

-Camp David: Malaise Speech: “crisis of confidence”

-reform foreign policy: “selfish interests” à “human rights”

-Energy Crisis

-Turns over Panama Canal


-Year of hostages

China (SALT II)

Taxes down; spending up


Reagan Revolution

The New Right (Reagan Coalition)

  1. Sunbelt (EPA)
  2. Corporate elite (taxes)
  3. Evangelicals (“secular humanism”)
  4. Neo-Conservatives (communism)
  5. Suburban Conservatives
  6. Populists Conservatives (antimonopoly


“rugged individualism” has been killed by

  • Fair Deal
  • New Deal
  • New Frontier
  • Great Society
  • Limited success in world affairs


Wants to:

1)     Restore the economy

2)     Restore pride and prestige in the world


  • Reaganomics: “supply-side” economics – cut taxes
  • Deregulation
  • Welfare cuts
  • Reagan Doctrine
  • USSR Negotiations
    • Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)
    • The Gulf War

George Bush

-First Gulf War

-“Negative campaigning

-Clinton: Operation Orange, Desert Storm

-George HW Bush: Second Gulf War; Kyoto Protocol; Iraq

-Obama: Healthcare


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