Cold War: Eisenhower and Dulles

-labor unions develop “post-war contracts” involving “escalator clauses” with bosses, which basically paid them off not to revolt

-Space Race (Explorer, Apollo, and NASA) launched after the Russian built Sputnik.

-replaces containment with “massive retaliation”—nuclear bombs

“brinksmanship” and growing reliance on nuclear weapons

-Soviets develop Hydrogen Bomb in 1953 (U.S. in 1952) – End to “massive retaliation?”

  • Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)
  • Eisenhower’s “New Look Military”
  • CIA overthrows Moussadegh in Iran, 1953; returns Shah to power (friendly to U.S.)
  • CIA overthrows leftist leader in Guatemala, 1954

Rise of McCarthyism

In the bid for senate seat, Joseph McCarthy begins to spout of American ideals. He represented a free nation

Decline of McCarthyism

-McCarthy overreaches with his unfounded accusations when he accuses the Army. Destroys his political career




  • “Domino theory”: provides aid to France in Vietnam (later to South Vietnam)
  • Dien Bien Phu, 1954
  • Geneva Conference, 1954: Vietnam temporarily divided into North and South
  • Dulles forms SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization); only a few countries join
  • Ho Chi Minh (leader of Vietminh) vs. Ngo Dinh Diem (leader ofS. Vietnam)
    • Vietminh in N. Vietnam support Viet Cong in S. Vietnam
    •  “Peaceful Coexistence” with Soviets (Khrushchev); GenevaSummit, 1955

-U.S. does not intervene during Hungarian uprising, 1956 (end of massive retaliation?)

Recognizing Israel: complicates Middle Eastern politics over oil and with Palestine

-Suez Crisis: US cuts off contact with Egypt when Nasser contacts the communists. In retaliation, Egypt captures the Suez Canal. When the US to interfere, the crisis is averted.

-Fidel Castro: Eisenhower replaces “communist regimes” in Cuba and turns it into a fiefdom of corporations. Castro instigates change and relations die

-U-2: Eisenhower refuses to meet with Krushchev after a U-2 plane is shot out of the sky. No consensus is reached about West Berlin


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