The Great Depression and the New Deal


  • Maldistribution
  • Overproduction
  • Lack of diversity
  • Dawes’ Plan
  • Credit structure
  • Banking system collapsed à stock market crashed

The American People in Hard Times

-Joblessness = shame b/c “personal responsibility”

-relief demand > supply

-farmland à Dust Bowl and the “Okies” who relocated to CA

-End tenant farmers

-Black Shirts, migrations

-People began to adhere more to the traditional societal structures

-“rugged individualism”

-Escapism = movies

-American Communist Party brings national attention to economic problems


The Hoover Program

  1. Restore confidence in economy = voluntary cooperation
  2. Use government $$$ to save the day

-Agricultural Marketing Act created a Farm Board in order to maintain farmers’ prices

Hawley-Smoot Tariff: one of the highest tariffs in history


-Bonus Expidentiary Force demands payment, embarrassed HH

The New Deal


-Roosevelt’s ebullience, “fireside chats”, and constant public reassurances

-Bank Holiday

-Economy Act

-18th Amendment repealed under 21st



NRA, AAA, Emergency Banking Relief Act; end of Gold Standard


  • TVA, Social Security, Wagner Act, FHA, FDIC, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Rural Electrification Act, Fair Labor Standards Act,     welfare: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)


The Second New Deal: much more radical

–Monopoly hate


-National Labor Relations Act

-Labor Unions become militant

-Roosevelt endorses Social Security

-“Brain Trust”


Works Progress Administration

-responsible for building/renovating public institutions

-flexible about nontrads



New Deal Reforms: Gov’t now permanently more involved in the economy; preserved capitalism


Securities and Exchange Commission

TennesseeValley Authority

Social Security Act

Wagner Act: collective bargaining

Fair Labor Standards Act: minimum wages, maximum hours


Legacies of the New Deal

-The “Broker State”

-No reform for AA

-“Black Cabinet”

NA Indian Reorganization Act

The New Deal, although able to bring the U.S. economy out of its nosedive, was not able to completely reform everything. Rather, it takes almost the entirety of World War II for the U.S. to come out of its slump.


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