Abortion isn’t a “reproductive right”: A quick and dirty opinion about rights

It’s a woman’s right.

Voluntary motherhood ought to be a thing, just as voluntary fatherhood has always been. Those men who are deciding on the fate of the legalization of abortion should get pregnant before making a decision as huge as what they’re so flippantly voting against.

It’s clear to me that they don’t understand what kind of pain and suffering a woman goes through when she’s pregnant. Hell, the most pain they’ll ever receive is getting circumcised. When they’re babies. The closest a man will ever get to feeling like he’s giving birth is trying to pass kidney stones, but even that’s not close.

Nine months. Forty weeks. What have you done that’s even close to carrying around thirty extra pounds for 9 months?

Besides, is a fetus a human being? No. Is a zygote a human being? No. Both have the potential to become a human being, but why would you want to add to a world that already has 7 billion people? You keep complaining about overpopulation and yet you still want children?

Biological, instinctual necessity? I thought you believed that you were above animals.

And let’s talk about life. If life begins at birth, and we end thousands of lives everyday with the flick of a button or a press of a trigger, how is abortion any worse than what we’ve done everyday? What is the meaning of “life”? Is it the aggregate of experiences and memories, or just because a clump of cells bonded together is enough to call it a life?

Looking at this pulverized fetus disgusts me.

Looking at this pulverized fetus disgusts me.

But then I see this. What's the difference?

But then I see this.
What’s the difference?

If you said the latter, then we should be giving voting rights to doors and chairs. Gametes and meiosis must occur? Darling, that’s called biology. Let’s give rights to bacteria, then. If you said the former, well, darling, I’m sorry, but the fetus can’t feel anything. It’s not alive. At this point, it’s just a parasite that we’ve been biologically wired to love.

I’m pro-choice. If you are pro-choice and don’t understand that abortion is a right, then that, my dear sir, is a tautology.


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