Today’s letters: Making the world a safer place for prostitutes

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Re: Legalize The Sex Trade, Kate Shannon and Sandra Ka Hon Chu, June 11.
For the past year, I have been hanging out with various organizations and church groups, researching, clipping articles and reading books, all to do with the sex trade and sex slavery in Canada and overseas. I think the authors of this column are correct to say that sex workers need access to more support and safer working environments. I also think they are incorrect to say that targeting the johns and pimps doesn’t have a positive impact on the safety of workers (just do some research on the Nordic model).

So, I’d like to make a proposal: Let’s simultaneously give sex workers better rights and at the same time introduce harsher punishments for anyone who exploits or abuses them. I don’t think this is rocket science. People will be sex workers whether or not it’s…

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