Feel better, everybody

So I know that the last twenty four hours have been kind of a downer for people living in the U.S. But you know what? Cheer up. The Daleks will always be around with murderous intent for whatever you want to do.

doctorwhodalekcantholdfeelings DrWhoDaleksFD e1db91857c899795dcb02e3bf2f93dc9 images (2) images surprise-buttsecks-dalek-daleks-kaled-boner-doctor-who-surpr-demotivational-poster-1215789304 tumblr_inline_mkq8o7U0k21qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mm6tkqtOQ01rd11ri tumblr_inline_molnl1Dxhh1qz4rgp tumblr_lpf2g6rKVA1qhgzjro1_400 tumblr_m2u7b6EMNi1qkhjsco1_500 tumblr_m9pf0rf4fp1r2oa9ko1_500 tumblr_m674qx06111qfoksyo1_500 tumblr_m49735WdXc1qiz4lp tumblr_mf1l2jQ4Ig1r67voh tumblr_mf1l45rsgQ1r67voh tumblr_mf1l72Sz7C1r67voh tumblr_mf1ladd9ZM1r67voh tumblr_mf1lno5cJv1r67voh tumblr_mg0uhpUWl01qbwu79o1_250 tumblr_mkz4u511sr1rgoim1o2_500 tumblr_mkz4u511sr1rgoim1o3_400 tumblr_mkz4u511sr1rgoim1o4_250 tumblr_mkz4u511sr1rgoim1o9_400 tumblr_mkz4u511sr1rgoim1o10_400

So yeah. Cheer up. Maybe you’re not going to be an internationally acclaimed scholar, but you can always take over the world.

(found via Google Images. Most are from Tumblr.)


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