Embarrassed by Holly McNish


This gorgeous poem written by Holly McNish makes me recall a commercial I saw recently where a woman was breastfeeding her baby.

It’s a perfectly natural thing to do. I mean, most mammals do feed from their mothers’ breasts, yeah? Why are we shaming women for such a natural display of motherhood and not for selling their bodies to the highest bidder to be celebrated as a sex symbol for young women everywhere with their bodies splashed across billboards in nothing but a string bikini and some water?

It’s just as much breast.

This also makes me recall the recent Facebook controversy, in which they allowed a picture of a battered woman, but banned breastfeeding pictures.

Ladies, there’s no need to be ashamed of your bodies. It’s completely irrational. Why should you be ashamed?

Guys. Come on. I’m pretty sure you were breastfed. And sucked on some boobs during sex. Don’t even try to lie.


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