Taking Apart a Trope: Damsel in Distress

The three-part, in-depth analysis is complete.

Thanks to Anita Sarkeesian, I now understand, and perhaps loathe the video game industry even more. But “loathe” is a strong word. I dislike the seemingly set-in-stone ways of the industry: repetitive plot, scantily clad women, and overkill. These are things that I wish would change so that there was a little more variation among the popular games so that I would be interested in buying them, and so that the industry would stop alienating the parts of the consumer market who do not buy for the violence and bloodspray. There are elements  that I like, such as the amazing graphics, the occasional unique story, and the obvious skill it took to develop these games, that make me glad that I have experienced the gamer culture.

But the misogyny is unforgivable. And while I do love playing video games on occasion, I think I will stick with Tetris, Pokemon, and indie games until we can get some women in the drawing room and move beyond the traditional tropes.

Honestly, I’m just going to avoid playing games that involve people.


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