What I think about when I can’t sleep at night

  1. Teenage boys run the world. It’s been well documented, and perhaps it’s a little bit of a generalization, but I can’t very well say teenage girls run the world, since there is no history of that ever happening.

    Teenage boys wearing suits

    Meet your new politicians, everybody.

  2. The Just World Fallacy and how it relates to a lot of our societal problems. John Green, I salute you.
  3. How men sometimes get the worse end of the deal after all, but also how they end up pushing their suppressed and undealt-with inner anger off onto unfortunate people, namely women. I believe that it’s the reason why we’re arguing over abortion, salaries, equality, and double standards.


    Check again; the friend zone isn’t just limited to men.

  4. Double standards, and how much they suck. If women belong in the kitchen, then Gordon Ramsay is one scary bitch.
  5. How everything starts to break down when you start examining the minute details, and how it’s not particularly useful sometimes.
  6. Men are far more conservative than women. When you think about it, they actually reveal much less skin than women. They want to, though, but the way the clothing industry runs, it just doesn’t happen. So, unconsciously, dress codes, slut-shaming, objectification, and uncouth behavior are the ways in which they react to this societal imbalance.
    dress_code_2 dress-code
  7. Freud. I also think about sex a lot.
  8. Being whipped, in the metaphorical sense, which extends to the balance of power between people. It’s really just men, and sometimes women, feeling the loss of the ability to control their own, supposedly dominant power and seemingly submitting and reacting negatively towards this revelation. It’s not. It’s just you changing to accommodate another person and getting used to being in an equal partnership, which of course comes with the loss of some autonomy. The Big Bang Theory is pretty cool.
  9. Humor and the way it cements into our minds what is socially acceptable and little of what is not. Rape jokes and Yo Mama jokes are always directed towards women and never men. Why?


    Is it really that difficult to understand?

  10. How I suck at verbalizing what I want to say.
  11. The irrationality of being human.

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