PSA for Genre Awareness

From the moment we are born, society tells us that literature is either fiction or non-fiction, and for years, those two have been the only genres that people have recognized as real. We are constantly being told by our teachers an advisers that the lines between genres are distinct and separate. Even now, after the definition has been expanded out to action, horror, drama, romance and a few other genres, there still continues to be this perception of specific categories for genres. And, despite the recent expansion of genre lexis, we still lack sub-genre representation.

This is genre erasure. Stop genre erasure now. People need to stop forcing the fact that there are only two genres and feeding into genreism when genre encompasses an entire spectrum of forms, from the PSA to the embossed label.

Sub-genres are genres, too. We need to bring up our awareness levels and explore the specific lexis of these sub-categories. We must debunk the myths surrounding genreism and demystify the genre. A genre does not reside in a single box, but transcends the limits that we place on them. Genres are fluid and change depending on the form of literature.

The only way to end genre erasure is to educate ourselves. We must begin to recognize that genreism is harmful to society and results in lackluster literature devoid of exploration. Acknowledging that genre is a spectrum of ideas is the only way we can increase awareness for and begin to respect sub-genres for who they are: an intrinsic part of literature and a necessity for rhetorical speaking.

this is satire.


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